Daughter / Dental Hygienist Drummer Joins Back Country Roads, As Jon Watson Bids Farewell

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — As if the band name Back Country Roads wasn’t enough to immediately grab your attention, the phrase Dental Hygienist drummer definitely should be. And if one were to add the words “daughter, Dental Hygienist” drummer” to the mix, well, that just adds a little something extra special into the band equation.

On Wednesday of this week the popular band Back Country Roads announced that long time drummer “JWat”, Jon Watson, would no longer be behind the drums with the band.

“Jon, also known as JWat, has been with the band for several years and we cannot say enough what an exceptional guy he is and what a joy it has been to play alongside him all this time. We will miss seeing his cool hat collection, his Guinness-beer-loving quirky personality, and seeing him behind the drums.”

The band didn’t immediately announce who Watson’s replacement would be.

On Thursday morning the band announced that Andrea Hartman, daughter of guitarist John Hartman, would be the bands newest member. Hartman has been playing drums since she was a child, having grown up in a musical household with her father. Her father, John, was also the owner of the well known and popular Music Stand store which graced downtown Freeport, Illinois for many years.

“She (Hartman) has sat in with us a few times when Jon Watson was on vacation and we love the energy she brings to the show”, the band stated. “She is a Dental Hygienist by day and now Drummer by night.”

The band will be playing this Saturday at Old Towne Pub & Eatery located at 40W290 La Fox Rd. in St. Charles, Illinois.