Music Services

Show Filming

One of the next best things to listening to music, is capturing it and on Entertainment Freeport that has never been more true. We offer show and concert filming for not only Entertainment Freeport, but for your band, group or venues own internal promotion. Contact Us.

Music Videos & Promos

Take your music and venue to the next level and shoot a music video or band, venue promo. We offer many music services for artists, groups and venues within Entertainment Freeport. Contact Us.

LIVE Broadcasts

Why just go LIVE on your Facebook or social media page when you can go LIVE to the entire Entertainment Freeport community? We offer pre-event LIVE coverage, during event and after event coverage of your event. We can also, in most cases, offering LIVE coverage of your entire event. Contact Us.

If You Have Questions...

Enjoy a host of extra perks in shows, special segments and let's take the music community to a whole new level. Contact us today. We don't bite, beg or have a fancy sales pitch. We just like doing cool things with cool people like you.