The Front Row Club

The Fastest Way To Make Sure You Get In The Show, Is Through The Front Row Club

The Front Row Club is an opportunity for fans of music, bands, artists and venues to get their stuff featured on Entertainment Freeport. For fans, it's a way to get front row, and sometimes backstage, access to the hottest events just by capturing a little video, a quick interview, or snapping some photos.

For bands and venues it's a way to really show off your stuff to the music community simply sending in footage, interviews and photos of shows you hold just like a fan would.

The Front Row Club gives the music community a way to engage directly with the fans through shows, videos, past week segments, special airings of your events and throughout numerous other places on the Entertainment Freeport platform.

It's super easy too.

All you have to do is take a quick 30 second or less video, or snap 2-3 photos of an event, (a quick interview with the band, artist or even a fan always works good too) and send it in to us. 

We do all the rest.

Get Yourself, Your Band, Your Music or Your Venue In The Front Row

It's the FASTEST way to make sure you get in the show. Learn more by contacting us.